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2-day workouts in mid-July, early tryouts, and makeup dates are live!    


Mission Critical

We seek to empower athletes by providing them the experts and the tools to help them master their sport.  

Summer Camp 

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The Baseball Foundry summer camps are focused on providing young baseball players with the foundational tools to advance in their sport.  In small groups, campers will be rotated through stations that focus on specific areas of development, which include pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching.  Sports performance training will also be incorporated.  

Values that lead us


Be Goal Oriented

Have short and long-term goals. Work with qualified people that are bought into your future and can align your training to your ambitions. Think incrementally and think big.


Work Smarter

You wouldn't hire a banker to build a home, and you shouldn't hire an accountant to train your ballplayer. Pedigree & experience matter, especially when working with youth athletes.


Self Accountability

The players that advance are the ones with a plan. They put in consistent work outside of practice and lessons and hold themselves accountable.


Be a Selective Learner

Never miss an opportunity to take in information relevant to your goals, but be selective in your sources. Baseball information abounds, some credible and some not.

Our Influencers 

Brandon Hill

Director, Baseball Operations & Head Coach

Amm Phrommavanh

Sports Performance Trainer

Anfernee Grier

Coach & Instructor

Drew Hinton

Coach & Instructor

Khaalis King

Coach & Instructor

Kerry Busby

Coach & Instructor

Chris Burgess


Cameron Hearn

Coach & Instructor

Talya Digirolamo

Softball Coach & Instructor

Trent Nash

Coach & Instructor

Taryn Williams

Softball Coach & Instructor

MJ Rookard

Coach & Instructor

Hard work Realized

Take a peek inside the lookbook at some of our amazing on-field experiences.  

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